About Blog

I often search useful articles for my work and I pissed off from the following shit:

  • Very boring rewrite of many times rewrote articles and guides without any new information or tools for getting some visitors for a wider funnel. And sometimes these assholes really don’t understand something about the described area. 
  • No crude language. One time I was banned because I wrote about sex toys on some vendor forum. Why? I don’t know. There are no fuck, ass, dick, pussy or any word which describes sex action. Just talk about possibilities of ZigBee enabled vibrator for corporates with big red button with “Fuck All” label. It’s boring to me.
  • “Please, disable your AdBlock”. Man, what? I especially install it to remove your advertisement. I want to read some useful information without fucking awesome retargeting based on my weekly search.
  • Super-duper useful popup during reading some articles with “Subscribe to own blog” shit while you try to get some useful information among tons of water, SEO-optimized stuff and so on. Man, I only want to read your article now and I’m not yet interested in you.o
  • “Please allow showing own notifications”. No comments. Push it in your ass.

I really tired because of this shit. I just want to work, read and do useful stuff. I may share your content, I may recommend your content, I may donate for your content, I may pay for your content but if I really interested in it and nothing more.

So, there are my rules for my blog:

  • 18+ because of explicit content in articles. Instead of writing something like “I think what this way may be wrong” I just to write “This is shit”. It accords to KISS and really explicit.
  • I write my opinion and my experience in professional and lovely areas. In some areas, I’m not a professional and just share my notes. In case some mashups, stupid things, and “shit” in the mean of “wrong way” in my articles will be good if you go to comments and say – “Man, it’s really shit. Look, you wrote … but it’s bullshit. The right way is …”. I will be really happy about such a guy on my blog.
  • No “Allow notifications”. I know about informational trash and noise. I don’t want to be part of this.
  • No “Please subscribe” popups. I don’t want to send to you some information without your will or push you while you just read my blog.

If you don’t like any about it – please found another blog that suits your point of view.